Keeping the Quarantine Blues at Bay One Design at a Time

You know…for kids. – Norville Barnes (The Hudsucker Proxy)

This week’s Fish Fry podcast is dedicated to being indoors and fighting off quarantine boredom for kids and adults alike!  Phil Hutchinson (element14) joins us to discuss the BBC micro:bit v2. Phil and I discuss the evolution of the micro:bit, how this new version differs from the previous version, and how … Read More → "Keeping the Quarantine Blues at Bay One Design at a Time"

New Nonvolatile Memory Takes Shape

“Time moves in one direction, memory in another.” – William Gibson

Memory is different from logic. We learn this early in our careers, especially if the job involves fabricating one or the other. Logic gates scale. Memory cells scale, too, but not the same way. In extreme cases, we even do multi-chip modules or flip chips just to keep … Read More → "New Nonvolatile Memory Takes Shape"

VSORA Pushes the PetaFLOPS for Autonomous Driving

Autonomous driving is a wildly challenging problem. Of all the headline-grabbing technologies in development today, replacing the human driver in a car probably takes the most computing power, although you wouldn’t guess that from the obvious lack of computing power demonstrated by many of our fellow human drivers on the road. But the invention of “artificial stupidity” notwithstanding (did you SEE the way that idiot … Read More → "VSORA Pushes the PetaFLOPS for Autonomous Driving"

Erasing Your Network Footprint

“You wouldn’t worry so much about what others think of you if you realized how seldom they do.” – Eleanor Roosevelt

Like most things about computers and the Internet, MAC addresses were created with the assumption that people aren’t jerks. Sadly, that notion proved incorrect, and we’ve spent the last 40-odd years trying to curb spam, … Read More → "Erasing Your Network Footprint"

December 4, 2020
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Featured Chalk Talk

Embedded Display Applications Innovation

Sponsored by Mouser Electronics and Texas Instruments

DLP technology can add a whole new dimension to your embedded design. If you considered DLP in the past, but were put off by the cost, you need to watch this episode of Chalk Talk where Amelia Dalton chats with Philippe Dollo of Texas Instruments about the DLP LightCrafter 2000 EVM. This new kit makes DLP more accessible and less expensive to design in, and could have a dramatic impact on your next embedded design.

Click here for more information about Texas Instruments DLP2000 Digital Micromirror Device (DMD)

featured paper

Tailor-made gateway processors lay the groundwork for zone architectures

Sponsored by Texas Instruments

Automotive suppliers and original equipment manufacturers are heavily investing software R&D efforts on adding new functions and features to achieve autonomy, electrification and connectivity. Still, enabling these functions by adding more electronic control units (ECUs) is not sustainable when it results in increased complexity and cost. There are two ways to consolidate and streamline ECUs within a vehicle…

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Improve SoC-Level Verification Efficiency by Up to 10X

Sponsored by Cadence Design Systems

Chip-level testbench creation, multi-IP and CPU traffic generation, performance bottleneck identification, and data and cache-coherency verification all lack automation. The effort required to complete these tasks is error prone and time consuming. Discover how the Cadence® System VIP tool suite works seamlessly with its simulation, emulation, and prototyping engines to automate chip-level verification and improve efficiency by ten times over existing manual processes.

Click here for more information about System VIP

Posted on Dec 5 at 4:31am by old grouch
Thanks, please let us know how you get on. Why on earth couldn't Microsoft have automated this so that it is was easy to tick the files that one wanted synced, without actually moving them! I thought they wrote the operating system, but one begins to wonder. Another thought: If ...
Posted on Dec 5 at 2:43am by Pysifr
I totally agree with this article, one drive has caused my nothing but headaches. I do not want my files to be messed up by Onedrive. However, quite by accident I came across what I was looking for and I hope this will be the answer. I "unlinked this PC", ...
Posted on Dec 3 at 11:57pm by 迈克尔0820
2020 is a hard year! Here is a website recommendation for a laser engraving machine, I hope there is an opportunity to cooperate.
Posted on Dec 3 at 11:27pm by jnskleiber
Undoubtedly, autonomous driving is a step into the future for which we are not yet ready. Engineers find the problem in adaptation, because each region has its own driving style, moreover, each person. I would say that the most important problem, which engineers also name, the form of skepticism is ...
Posted on Dec 3 at 7:24am by old grouch
Yes I wish I'd seen this before I fell for Microsoft's outrageous installation - you are lured into backing up your Documents etc and then you find, almost immediately, that they have moved Documents and Photos into another directory, with no warning. I'm not an ignoramus, I have been in ...
Posted on Nov 30 at 7:46am by Max Maxfield
Hi Fred -- I know what you mean -- on the one hand, I think this stuff is tremendously exciting -- on the other hand, I see a future with me cowering in the ruins hiding from packs of marauding robot dogs. Have you been watching that TV series "Next"?
Posted on Nov 28 at 5:41am by MartinCroome
Nice of you to give me a promotion Jim but I'm VP Marketing not CEO! And it's worth mentioning that we collaborate with both UniBo and ETH Zurich. An open source ISA is essential though. Both from a licensing and technical flexibility standpoint.
Posted on Nov 27 at 1:35pm by TexasBubba
Max, News like this tends to cause me to "toss and turn." Knowing from observing history how well the human race handles anything, news like this can be disturbing to me. No thoughts of "sugar plums", and "fairies" dance in my head but vivid dreams of "Terminator" and "I Robot" ...
Posted on Nov 18 at 1:07pm by lakeside
I'm so glad to see this (now 2 year old) article. Today I had to install Onedrive on my personal desktop PC so that I could more easily interact with some files that my employer keeps in MS Teams. I typically work from a virtual machine on this desktop, but wanted ...
Posted on Nov 9 at 11:06am by Jim Turley
Of course there are other open-source and/or free choices. Always have been. But today, RISC-V seems to be the default choice among those alternatives, for all the reasons you and I enumerated.
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Dec 4, 2020
As consumers, wireless technology is often taken for granted. How difficult would everyday life be without it? Can I open my garage door today? How do I turn on my Smart TV? Where are my social networks? Most of our daily wireless connections – from Wi-Fi and Bluetooth ...
Dec 4, 2020
I hear Percepio will be introducing the latest version of their Tracealyzer and their new DevAlert IoT device monitoring and remote diagnostics solution....
Dec 4, 2020
[From the last episode: We looked at an IoT example involving fleets of semi-trailers.] We'€™re now going to look at energy and how electronics fit into the overall global energy story. Whether it'€™s about saving money on electricity at home, making data centers more eff...
Dec 4, 2020
A few weeks ago, there was a webinar about designing 3D-ICs with Innovus Implementation. Although it was not the topic of the webinar, I should point out that if your die is more custom/analog, then... [[ Click on the title to access the full blog on the Cadence Community si...
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