When the Bugs Find You

“All I was doing was trying to get home from work.” – Rosa Parks

Bugs are an inevitability, but they’re especially embarrassing when your customer finds them before you do. All things being equal, it would be better if your devices notified you of a bug instead of your customers calling to complain that their shiny and expensive … Read More → "When the Bugs Find You"

Adventures in Satellite Security and The SpaceX Comfy Ride to the Moon

In this week’s podcast, we’ve got our eyes trained on the glittering skies. First up, we take a closer look at the spacecraft user manual for Starship, a next-generation launch vehicle currently being developed by SpaceX. We check out how Starship is going to be used, the details of its high-capacity the cargo hauler, and how Starship is going to get us to the moon in high-flying style. Also this week, we chat with Richard Jaenicke (Green Hills Software) about satellite security and vulnerability, how satellites can be hacked, and what solutions we need to implement at in order keep our satellites safely in orbit. … Read More → "Adventures in Satellite Security and The SpaceX Comfy Ride to the Moon"

Creating Innovation in a Vacuum

“No matter where you go, there you are.” – Buckaroo Banzai

A new venture-backed startup is developing disruptive technology that promises to upend long-cherished beliefs about electronics, semiconductors, manufacturing processes, and power consumption. It eliminates or minimizes many of the expensive and time-consuming steps used in today’s billion-dollar semiconductor fabs, while also shifting power consumption numbers by several … Read More → "Creating Innovation in a Vacuum"

HLS Powers AI Revolution

I started working in high-level synthesis (HLS) in 1994 which, assuming my math is correct, was 26 years ago. In those early days, we referred to the technology as “behavioral synthesis” because it relied on analyzing the desired behavior of a circuit in order to create a structural description rather than simply converting from a higher-level structural description to a lower-level one. 

Read More → "HLS Powers AI Revolution"

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LE Audio Over Bluetooth with DesignWare Bluetooth IP

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The video shows the new LE Audio using Synopsys® DesignWare® Bluetooth 5.2 PHY IP and Link Layer IP with isochronous channels, and ARC® Data Fusion IP Subsystem with ARC EM9D Processor, running the LC3 codec supporting LE Audio.

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Posted on Apr 4 at 1:36pm by Max Maxfield
As I've said before, I'm a hardware design engineer by trade, so I guess hardware solutions hold a certain appeal for me. It's like the old saying goes, "If your only tool is a hammer, everything starts to look like a nail" :-) I will be interested to hear your ...
Posted on Apr 3 at 3:29pm by SK
I'm certainly all for teaching about switch bounce, as it's not obvious to the uninitiated that it actually occurs. I'm also all for teaching about understanding the required response time for any function driven by a switch (or any other signal for that matter). The correct method for debouncing must ...
Posted on Apr 2 at 4:23pm by Max Maxfield
Oooh, Oooh -- I just thought of one more reason -- I'm proud of my diagrams, but it's hard to draw a diagram of a piece of software (although I'm going to give it "the old college try" when we get to look at software solutions :-)
Posted on Apr 2 at 4:21pm by Max Maxfield
I wouldn't argue that debouncing in software is an excellent choice for high-volume production projects. Debouncing in hardware may be more appropriate for smaller projects and hobbyists. Having said this, there must be a reason why well-known devices like the MC14490 from On Semiconductor and the MAX6816 / 6817 / 6818 from Maxim Integrated ...
Posted on Apr 2 at 12:30pm by SK
This entire series of articles has confused me. It reads to me more as a historical piece than as a practical guide for future designs. All (or nearly all) of the discrete hardware solutions cost more than software debounce on a low-cost microcontroller. I just priced a the MC 14490 hex ...
Posted on Mar 31 at 1:54pm by Karl Stevens
A related article "But, if we know that RTL is so bad, we also know somewhere, deep down, that we will need to do something different someday. But what? and When?" RTL goes back to "Verilog can be simulated, therefore we MUST us it for design entry" which is one ...
Posted on Mar 28 at 9:13am by Max Maxfield
Hi Kev -- this may be old, but -- like so many things -- it wasn't something I'd heard about before, so I found this column to be pretty interesting.
Posted on Mar 24 at 12:29am by Kev
BFLOAT16 is a human understanding of something that machines could work out for themselves more efficiently. Having worked on IEEE committees, I always find it predictable (and depressing) what folks will go for, but this one is rather old... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kg7fu-CllnA
Posted on Mar 20 at 8:03am by Max Maxfield
Hi Aubrey -- thanks for the reminder. The funny thing about all of this is that -- looking back --I've never learned anything that didn't eventually come in handy one day or another (the real trick is to use it before I forget it LOL). As we'll see in my ...
Posted on Mar 19 at 11:04am by antedeluvian
Max I thought I could point out to your readers who intend to use cross coupled NOR or NAND gates, that there are old CMOS parts, the CD4043 and CD4044, that include 4 such configurations allowing for 4 denounced switches per 16 pin IC. As I recall, they also have 3-state outputs allowing ...
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Apr 6, 2020
My latest video blog is now available. This time I am looking at the use of dynamic memory in real-time embedded applications. You can see the video here or here: Future video blogs will continue to look at topics of interest to embedded software developers. Suggestions for t...
Apr 4, 2020
That metaphorical '€œboing'€ sound you hear, figuratively speaking, is a symbolical ball allegorically landing on Chewy'€™s side of the illusory net....
Apr 3, 2020
[From the last episode: We saw some of the mistakes that can cause programs to fail and to breach security and/or privacy.] We'€™ve seen how having more than one program or user resident as a '€œtenant'€ in a server in the cloud can create some challenges '€“ at leas...
Apr 2, 2020
There are many historical innovations that are the product of adversity, and the current situation is an extreme example.  While it is not the first time that humanity has faced a truly global challenge like the COVID-19 pandemic, this time the world is connected by tech...
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